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Classic ASP 3.0 Snippets

From time to time we end up with a project to update a classic ASP website. I don’t know about you guys but I dropped classic ASP sometime around 2003 in favour of ASP.NET. Anyway, here is a collection of useful functions and snippets that I keep to hand.

A function to clean postback data.
As classic ASP does not automatically sanitise post back data from form controls, I use this function to strip out any unwanted data that could be used in a SQL injection or XSS attack.

Private Function cleanData(ByVal strData As String) As String
'this function uses regular expression to clean input data
Dim rgxObj As New Regex("[^0-9a-zA-Z\s]")
cleanData = rgxObj.Replace(strData, "")
rgxObj = Nothing
End Function

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